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Post-Surgical Drain Patient Care Kit


The PSD Patient Care kit is comprised of two unique and patented products - a PSD Belt for day and night support and a shower bag to manage your drains while showering. It is the only kit on the market that accommodates all your needs while wearing post-surgical drains. The PSD Patient Care Kit addresses the needs of all patients who require drains after surgery.

The PSD Belt is intended to be worn during the post-surgical recovery period. The patented design will hold multiple drains and tubing securely in place. The drain pouches are made from soft, light weight, breathable cotton that can accommodate multiple drains. The PSD Belt is machine washable in the event pouches get soiled. Best of all, the PSD Belt allows freedom of movement and completely eliminates the need for pinning or taping drains to clothes or body.

The Shower Bag holds the drains and tubes in place allowing for hands free showering. No more worries of juggling the drains in the shower and accidently dropping or dislodging them. The Shower Bag is hygienic and lightweight. It is securely worn over the neck resulting in independence, allowing patients access to personal hygiene safely and without assistance. The Shower Bag is made out of a soft, clear vinyl to repel water while showering and a clear view of the drains.

The PSD Belt comes in three colors; black, pink with white polka dots and cream.

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